Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GREEN TOO! Installations with the Earth in Mind

13,699, the installation of clear plastic, recycled, water bottle caps representing each person who dies every day from preventable, water-related diseases because he or she does not have access to clean water, is currently installed at Annmarie Garden Art Center & Sculpture Park in Solomons, Maryland through October 10th. My husband, Noel, and I packed all 18 boxes of bottle caps, 10 gridwalls, and 9 steel poles, my favorite ladder, and tools into the back of his pickup truck and drove to Maryland. It took two and a half days to install thanks to many volunteers who lent their hands unrolling each line, hanging, and spreading out the caps. The setting is beautiful –– a 30 acre sculpture park with about 25 sculptures on loan from the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC. The Art Center is a 15,000 square foot building built in 2008 with polished marble floors and a second story that is designed to resemble a boat. On the first level is the exhibit, GREEN, Art with the Earth in Mind and on the second level is GREEN TOO, Installations with the Earth in Mind. This is the fourth time we've installed 13,699 and this time I took notes so that I would remember all of the details that I assume I will remember, then don't. . .

13,699 is in good company with a crocheted coral reef by Mary Ellen Croteau with Aviva Alter and Mary Buczyk from Chicago.

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Starbuck said...

This absolutely beautiful! Well done!!!