Monday, March 29, 2010

Art for Water at Franklin Pierce University Goes to the Peterborough Town House

Last Friday evening, the celebration of water event that happened at Franklin Pierce University in November came to the Peterborough Town House. And during the day we hosted about 75 fourth graders. They learned about the shrinking availability of clean water and the huge amount of plastic waste that is generated by buying single serve bottles of water. They contributed to the Franklin Pierce art installation by stringing their own water bottles and adding them to the river of bottles installed in the Town House. They watched student-created short films about water and took the water tasting test to determine the difference between bottled, tap, and filtered water. In the evening, dancers from Franklin Pierce performed an original modern dance about water and we heard an original water soundscape. There were short films, a reading of the Celtic Myth, Angus, (whose mother is a water sprite) with projected illustrations done by graphics students, and the premiere of the documentary, Art for Water, A Creative Approach to Engaged Learning done by senior, Natalya Waye. Tonight the evening celebration will be at the Crotched Mountain Foundation in Greenfield, NH.

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