Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Art for Water at Franklin Pierce University

The students at Franklin Pierce completed their installation to raise awareness about water use habits on campus and in the community and we installed it last Monday in Pierce Hall. They drilled holes in hundreds of water bottles and strung them together with wire to make a river of bottles. We strung 5 fishing lines across the 36´ wide room and hung some of the bottles over the fishing lines. Then we hung the rest from the top of the wall so that they flowed down the wall and swirled into the room. Last Thursday evening there was a celebration of water by many departments on campus. Wendy Dwyer, head of the dance department, choreographed a dance about water with 5 dancers. Lou Bunk, head of the music department, and three of his students created original music with water sounds. Creative writing student, Renee Beauregard, rewrote a fable about water called Dream Angus and 16 graphic arts students displayed illustrations for it. 8 of Heather Tullio's communications students made short videos about water and students conducted water tasting tests during the reception. Attendance exceeded our expectations causing students to sit on the dance floor, shrinking the dancers' space. But everyone was thrilled at the turnout and now just about everyone on the Franklin Pierce University campus is thinking about water and they're thinking twice about buying bottled water.

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