Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WATER: Mystery & Plight

The opening reception on Friday night for WATER: Mystery & Plight at the Sharon Arts Exhibition Gallery far exceeded my wildest dreams of a perfect opening. The place was packed and it seemed like everyone was moved by 13,699 as well as Mary Lang's serene and mysterious photographs (www.marylang.com). The responses to my piece were heartwarming and insightful, pointing to an aspect that I hadn't considered such as using "S" hooks to hang the strings mirrors the tenuous environmental balance that victims of the water crisis are facing. Many commented how thrilled they were to be allowed to enter the installation and get close and be able to touch it.

At the opening, the volunteers who worked on making the installation, breaking it down, packing it up, and setting it back up again, as well as two of Sharon Arts' staff who put in extra effort to make the exhibit a success, were given Innate Gear's very cool stainless steel water bottles as a token of my appreciation. Thanks, again, to Innate Gear for donating such a great product to my cause.

Check out www.innate-gear.com to learn about a photo contest––Hydrate with Innate––where the prize is a $1000. donation to a charitable organization that provides access to safe drinking water! The winner also gets a case of Innate's very cool stainless steel water bottles. You can post photos and stories about hydration on their site and enter this worthy contest. Pass the word to all thirsty shutter bugs.

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